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Truckload Freight

As a non-asset based logistics provider, Surus gives customers access to the safest, most reliable truckload freight carriers in the US. We coordinate domestic over the road transportation with shippers and receivers, negotiate for more competitive rates and track orders, giving our customers more time to spend managing their businesses. Our wide network of truckload carriers enables us to solve any over the load transport need, from daily shipping to peak season freight handling.

Truckload service is available with all standard vehicle types, including:

  • Flatbed trucks
  • Semi tractors
  • Dry vans
  • Refrigerated reefer vans
  • Conestoga trucks
  • Box trucks
  • B-Trains

To help customers cut costs, we’re able to coordinate multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, and we have team drivers on call to handle expedited next day shipments and just-in-time delivery service around the country. We provide fast spot market rates which are refreshed each week to keep our rates low, accurate and competitive.

Surus specializes in truckload transportation of OEM and forest products, although we’re able to provide transport logistics to manufacturers or distributors in any industry.

For a fast rate quote, call us at (616.466.5959) or submit a RFQ online.