Services - Reefers

Heated & Refrigerated Reefer Trucks & Vans

Surus provides safe, reliable heated and refrigerated transportation of all forms of perishable goods, including produce, nursery products, seafood and dairy. Precise temperature control and driver expertise are often critical for the safe transportation and delivery of refrigerated goods, which is why we select only the most reliable and efficient refrigerated and heated reefer transportation suppliers.

All our refrigerated and heated reefer truck drivers are fully bonded and insured for the transportation of refrigerated goods. We ensure all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure our refrigerated trucks and vans provide temperatures and conditions which meet your precise specifications. Refrigerated shipments are carefully coordinated and tracked to ensure deliveries are on-time.

Refrigerated shipping rates are based off the latest and more accurate spot market rates.

For a quote or more information on reefer shipping, call (317) 635-2050 or contact us online.