Services - LTL

Less Than Truckload Shipping & Freight

When we say we offer comprehensive freight transport options, that’s exactly what we mean. In addition to standard full truckload transport services, we’re able to offer competitively priced less than truckload (LTL) shipping across the U.S. and Canada.

As purchasers make smaller orders due to limited budgets, manufacturers and distributors face the challenge of shipping small or lightweight orders. Recognizing a growing need for competitive less than truckload shipping, we have made less than truckload shipping a key part of our overall transport service package. Our LTL services are an ideal solution for manufacturers and distributors to reduce shipping costs and facilitate a higher return on small orders.

Surus cuts shipping costs on less than truckload freight by providing dedicated service. We make the phone calls to carriers and suppliers that are necessary to secure the most competitive rates, and our operations management software allows us to efficiently streamline shipment coordination, pick-ups and deliveries. Our network of world-class carriers provides solutions for LTL shipments to any domestic location, with the ability to meet any special delivery or handling requirements.

For LTL rate quotes, or for more information, call (616) 366-3339 or contact us online.