3PL Transport Services

At Surus, we understand that each manufacturer and distributor has a unique set of shipping and transport requirements. That’s why we’ve built a rock solid network of the industry’s highest rated over the road carriers, from refrigerated reefer trucks and flatbed trucking to less than truckload transports.  Whether you need same day pickup for 48 lbs or flatbed trucking for 48,000 lbs, Surus has the expertise and resources to handle your company’s transportation logistics quickly, safely and with on-time delivery.

Achieving Economies of Scale

Some manufacturers and distributors attempt to minimize their transportation expenses by investing in their own trucking equipment, expecting this to minimize costs in the long run. When business is not at its peak, however, transport equipment and drivers may remain inactive, accumulating costly maintenance and payroll fees without an adequate return. In a down economy, manufacturers and distributors must look for ways to run leaner, and outsourcing these costs to a 3PL transport company can provide the cost savings a company needs to achieve economies of scale. Surus’ transportation services are designed to help companies run leaner, allowing management to focus on revenue generating activities.

State-of-the-Art Logistics Management Software

We’ve invested in the latest logistics operations management software, allowing us to stay organized and efficient at all times. Our software allows us to:

  • monitor and control freight shipments’ entire life cycles
  • store and access detailed customer profiles, carrier profiles, shipping lane data and more
  • track each freight transport from start to completion
  • manage freight transports with multiple stops, pick-ups and drop-offs

Local, Same Day Pickup & Delivery

We provide just-in-time same day pickups service for all your last-minute transport needs. Thorough tracking and real-time updates to keep track of critical shipments are also available. Need local pickup or delivery? Our drivers will come straight to your or your customer’s door.

Affordable Trucking Rates

Thanks to our wide network of asset based carriers, our customers are able to negotiate rates without the hassle of dealing with carriers directly. At Surus, do all the negotiations for you, securing the lowest rates without any inconvenience to you. We use spot market rates to ensure our rates remain accurate and competitive.

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