About - History

Surus is spearheaded by a small team of professionals who are experienced in working with both manufacturing and distribution industries. During their experience providing sales and logistics management for distributors in the forestry and manufacturing industries, Surus’ founders experienced firsthand the challenges faced by distributors who negotiate, coordinate and manage their own distribution transports. These experiences inspired the team who would form Surus, as they recognized a great need for customer-centered transport logistics with superior service, state-of-the-art management tools and more competitive rate structures.

Behind the Logo: Surus the Elephant of War

According to accounts of Roman historians from the early third century B.C., Surus was the name of the bravest and last surviving war elephant in Hannibal’s Carthaginian army. Hannibal famously used large Asian elephants in his military exploits to provide heavy calvary in battles, as a platform for archers and war generals and – most importantly – as a means of transportation.

In an era before automobiles and motorized machines, war elephants were a rare source of power and tactical mobility for generals like Hannibal. While Hannibal’s war elephants were valuable assets in battle,  the key advantage of using elephants like Surus lay in their ability to transport large shipments of goods over long distances and rugged terrains. Without the ability to efficiently transport supplies, Hannibal’s troops would have been rendered useless. The war elephants’ ability to carry large equipment and heavy supplies over impossible distances and terrains – such as during the crossing of the Alps – was one of the key factors in Hannibal’s success as a general.

Surus was the hardiest and most revered war elephant in Hannibal’s calvary. Despite having lost one tusk to martial conflict, Surus wore a royal red cloth, a red shield with Hannibal’s insignia and carried Hannibal himself on his back. Surus was one of the last war elephants Hannibal took with him during his famous crossing of the Alps.

For most manufacturers and distributors, the ability to efficiently transport goods under all conditions can make or break a business. Having a rugged, dependable transport provider, just as Hannibal had his war elephant Surus, gives manufacturers and distributors a huge tactical advantage.

At Surus, we strive to provide business owners with the tactical transport advantages they need to stay competitive. That includes providing fast response to shipping orders, industry leading carrier service and superb customer service. Our goal is to be more than just a third party logistics provider; we aim to become nothing less than your company’s most valued asset.