Leading the Industry in Trucking Transport Services

Surus is a non-asset based logistics company offering over-the-road transport solutions to manufacturers and distributors in every industry. Our carriers provide shipping across North America, in the domestic US and Canada.

Why Choose Surus?

You’ve analyzed the costs and benefits, and you’ve decided that outsourcing your company’s distribution and shipping to a transport company is the right decision. But which logistics company do you choose? Finding a transport logistics provider which meets your business’ unique freight, schedule and rate requirements can be a challenge.

At Surus, we combine industry experience with state of the art technology and a world-class carrier network, allowing us to deliver more flexibility and more competitive rates than most other third party logistics companies.

Surus is owned and operated by individuals with extensive experience managing in-house transport logistics for distribution and manufacturing industries. This gives us a uniquely customer-oriented perspective, around which we’ve centered our model for transport management service. Our goal is simple: to provide our customers with comprehensive, custom-tailored transport solutions which minimize distribution costs and provide on-time deliveries. Safely shipped goods and timely deliveries help you build a positive reputation, and at Surus, we see your success as our success.

We’ve also invested in industry leading operation management software technology, which allows us to provide fast, accurate shipment tracking and keep detailed records of customer histories. To provide customers with the most competitive pricing available, we use spot market rates, and our trucking rates are updated weekly.

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